Sonia Gandhi will remain as the President of the Congress


Bangla Hunt Desk: Sonia Gandhi will be the President of the Congress. According to the party, the term has been extended to prevent the election from taking place due to Corona. Until another president is elected, Sonia Gandhi will be the party president. Let me tell you, today is going to be one year of his tenure. And according to the party's constitution, the election of the president will be held in the court within a year. There is, however, a procedure for the extension of the President, which has been completed.

Sonia Gandhi

Party spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi said Sonia Gandhi has been in charge of the party for a year. Even if one year is completed, it does not mean that the post has become vacant. According to the party, a meeting of the Congress Working Committee (CWC) will be convened soon and Sonia Gandhi's tenure as president will be extended. The CWC meeting was scheduled to take place earlier this month, but for some reason it was not possible.

On the other hand, the demand for a full-time president in the party has become even stronger. Shashi Tharoor, a senior leader of the party and an MP, said Rahul Gandhi has the courage, power and ability. If he does not want to take on this responsibility, then the party should move in the direction of electing a new president. “In my opinion, Congress president Sonia Gandhi should not be expected to serve as party president indefinitely,” he said.

Although he has expressed these as his personal judgment. “As you know, I have been advising for some time that the election of the Congress Working Committee and its chairman must have many results in the interest of the party,” he said. Let me inform you that the current President of the Congress, Sonia Gandhi, has been in the post of President since August 10 last year. Earlier, Rahul Gandhi accepted the Lok Sabha election rate and resigned from the post of President.