Sonos Roam will include Vehicle Trueplay and new ‘Sound Swap’ function

On Tuesday, Sonos will introduce its hottest product named the Sonos Roam, which The Verge extensively comprehensive a pair of times back. Now I’m capable to share a little bit a lot more about new performance that will debut to start with on the little, take-all over the place speaker.

My preceding report laid out the core specs of the Sonos Roam. Measuring 6.5 inches extensive and weighing close to a pound, the portable speaker will supply up to 10 hours of battery life on a cost. Just like the Go, it will support voice commands for either Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Sonos designs to offer it for $169, and the Roam will ship in April.

But now on to the new things:

  • The Sonos Roam will incorporate computerized Trueplay.
    Like the pricier, more substantial Move, Sonos is making its Car Trueplay audio tuning element suitable into the Roam. The speaker will use its designed-in microphones to calibrate functionality based mostly on its encompassing environment. This can make a real change in echoey rooms.
  • You can enjoy music over Bluetooth to your total Sonos process.
    Sonos has made the Roam so that it can use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth at the same time (with the Go, you experienced to opt for one particular or the other). Connecting to each at the moment will allow you to play a song from your phone or a different system nearby to the Roam in excess of Bluetooth — and that songs can then also be played across the relaxation of your Sonos multi-place method.
  • “Sound Swap” will let you go off music from the Roam to yet another Sonos speaker.
    A further new element which is unique to the Roam is what Sonos will phone Seem Swap. If you maintain down the engage in/pause button, the Roam will mail the new music it is now playing to what ever Sonos speaker is nearby. I really don’t know the comprehensive details on this 1, but my guess is that it includes applying Bluetooth Minimal Electricity to figure out which speaker is closest.
  • The Roam is rated IP67 for dust and water resistance.
    This usually means it is totally dustproof and watertight in up to one particular meter of h2o for up to 30 minutes. That places the Roam on equal footing with the well-known UE Wonderboom speaker.
  • No, you cannot use it as a encompass speaker for the Sonos Arc or Beam.
    The Roam cannot be employed as portion of a Sonos house theater setup. That’s not entirely astonishing, given that the identical was genuine of the Shift. If you are wanting for cheap surrounds for a Beam or Arc, your ideal solutions continue being the One particular SL or the Ikea Symfonisk bookshelf speakers.

The picture at the leading of this story is a further new graphic that can make for an simple measurement comparison amongst the Roam and the much larger, more highly-priced Sonos Go. And here’s what the optional wi-fi charger seems to be like:

The most important problem I simply cannot response is how this issue sounds. Can Sonos make excellent on its seem high quality observe history with a speaker this smaller? I’m optimistic the reply will be certainly — but do not assume miracles.

Automatic Trueplay could assist the Roam set alone aside from several of the Bluetooth speakers it will contend in opposition to. A UE Boom or JBL Demand will usually seem the exact same no matter where you place them. But if the Roam can adapt in noticeable approaches to its environment, that’ll be a differentiator. And that Sound Swap trick certain seems like it would be useful for an eventual pair of Sonos headphones…

We’ll be covering any other news Sonos has to share on March 9th. Just in scenario there are continue to some surprises on the way.