Sonu Sood is God himself, actor's temple is established in Telangana, idol is worshiped


BanglaHunt Desk: Actor Sonu Sood was cast as the 'Messiah' of the poor during the lockdown. He has extended a helping hand to millions of people. Even now the actor has devoted himself to this work. This time the residents of Dabba Tanda village in Siddipet district of Telangana built a temple named after Sonu to honor him.

The temple was established on December 20. A statue of Sonu is also kept in the temple. The temple was established in the presence of villagers and sculptors. The women of the village, adorned in traditional attire, also pay homage to the idol of Sonu. Jayadhvani became the name of the actor.

Giri Kondal Reddy, a member of the district council, told ANI that Sonu Sood has taken the place of God through her good deeds. That is why a temple has been built in his name in the village. Worship is being done in the idol of Sonu. Artist Madhusudan Pal said that he has also made a small statue of Sonu to give him as a gift.

Sonu Sood himself was speechless after getting the news of the construction of the temple in his own name. He has become emotional after getting so much love from the villagers. He shared the news on his Twitter handle. “I don't deserve it,” he tweeted. Aplut. '

Recently, it was learned that Sonu has arranged free e-rickshaws for the poor and helpless people. The arrangement of these rickshaws is such that those people can open small business through it. Sonu made this arrangement so that she would not have to wait for the help of others during this difficult time.

Sonu mortgaged his property to stand by the poor deprived people. He mortgaged 6 of his properties with a loan of Tk 10 crore. It is learned that two shops and six flats of actors at Shiv Sagar CGHS in Juhu, Mumbai have been mortgaged with Standard Chartered Bank. A loan of Tk 10 crore has been registered for Tk 5 lakh. The actor and his wife Sonali are said to have these properties.