Sonu Sood made dhosa with his own hands as if he was a man of clay


BanglaHunt Desk: Sonu Sood, this name seems to have been introduced to the countrymen anew in the lockdown. It’s not that no one knew Sonu before. Although he was not very popular as an actor, everyone was aware of his acquaintance. But during the epidemic, people became acquainted with a unique form of gold.

Sonu came forward as a savior at a time when politicians were worried about how to bring millions of migrant workers back to their homeland in the Corona situation. Despite not being a so-called first-line star, Sonu has brought millions of people to her home on her own initiative.

From that beginning, the actor has not looked back since. From children to the elderly, when someone hears about illness, danger, they run away by themselves or send help. Sonu Sood has literally become the ‘God of the poor’.

However, despite getting so much fame, Sonu has remained close to the ground. He loves to do his own work. Going to such a shooting set, the actor made dhosa with his own hands. In between the shoots, he made his own food and the rest of the food. He jokingly said that even if there is no shooting, he has to come to the set to cook.

Sonu recently took on all the expenses of a child’s heart treatment. Chhota Ahmed, a resident of Nandanpura in Jhansi, has a leak in his heart. Due to financial constraints, his parents could not get treatment for one year.

After reading this news, Sonu extended her hand to help the child. The treatment of the child has started from 4th April. It has been heard that Sonu has called Ahmed’s parents to Mumbai. This will be the treatment of the child. In this generosity of Sonu, Dhanya Dhanya has fallen in Netmahal.