Sonu Sood, the savior of migrant workers, tweeted thanks


Actor Sonu Sood has become an entrepreneur to bring migrant workers back to their homeland. He has arranged for the migrant workers to hire buses at their own expense and take them home. It is also known that he did all this with the permission of the government. Everyone knows that.
It is learned that the actor has arranged for the return of several migrant workers to his home state by renting 10 buses in the midst of the lockdown. The migrant workers will go to Karnataka from Mumbai.

Union Minister Smriti Irani tweeted praising Sonu's work. He writes, ‘For almost two decades, Sonu Sood has been in the sugar business. I saw you become a bigger actor. But I am proud of the humanity you have shown in this difficult time. Thank you for helping those helpless people. '

Earlier, star chef Bikash Khanna also praised Sonu Sood. The actor named the village Mogar after a dish he made. Netizens are also excited about Sonu's work. They have filled the actor with praise.
Since May 11, he has sent 650 migrant workers in 21 buses from Mumbai to Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh. Another 10 buses have left for Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. The actor said that permission from the governments of West Bengal, Assam and Jharkhand is still pending. More than 100 buses will leave Mumbai in the next 10 days. The whole thing is in line with social dispensing. 35 workers are going in the bus of 60 people.
So far, Sonu and Niti have tested the health of 10,000 workers. Everything in their own sense. They have spent about 74,000 rupees for the construction of 600 km road. Right there 1800 From 2000 The cost per km has been more than 1 lakh. The actor said that the bus is taking the workers to their final destination. Sonu is not allowing any worker on the bus to go on hunger strike. In his words, he will not stop until all the workers have reached their homes.