Sonu Soodai is the inspiration, the ambulance service started free of cost in the name of the actor

Actor Sonu Sood appeared as the 'Messiah' of the poor during the lockdown. He has extended a helping hand to millions of people. Even now the actor has devoted himself to this work. Inspired by Sonu, many have started helping people.

One such person is Shiva. Shiva Sonu Sood, a swimmer from Hyderabad, has started a free 'Sonu Sood Ambulance Service'. The man said he was able to save several lives by swimming. Those people tried to commit suicide by drowning in Hussein Sagar Lake. Shiva has saved the lives of more than a hundred people.

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Seeing his work, many people started giving grants to Shiva. He saved that money and bought an ambulance. Sonu started free ambulance service under the name of Sud. Shiva said he was inspired by Sonu Sood's humanity and named his ambulance after the actor.

Sonu Sood himself came to inaugurate this ambulance. In the words of the actor, “I am proud to inaugurate this ambulance. I thank Shiva. I heard about him. He gives new life to people. We need people like Shiva in our society. ”

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Earlier, it was learned that the residents of Dabba Tanda village in Siddipet district of Telangana had built a temple named after Sonu to pay homage to him. The temple was established on December 20 last year. A statue of Sonu is also kept in the temple. The temple was established in the presence of villagers and sculptors.

Giri Kondal Reddy, a member of the district council, told ANI that Sonu Sood has taken the place of God through her good deeds. That is why a temple has been built in his name in the village. Worship is being done in the idol of Sonu. Artist Madhusudan Pal said that he has also made a small statue of Sonu to give him as a gift.

Sonu Sood himself was speechless after getting the news of the construction of the temple in his own name. He became emotional after getting so much love from the villagers. He shared the news on his Twitter handle. He also tweeted, “I don't deserve it. Aplut. '