Sonu Sood's idol in Kolkata's Durga Puja mandapa, what did the actor say?

Sonu Sood, from Real Life Villain to Real Life Hero. Sonu, who delivered thousands of workers home in the lockdown, is like the god of the poor. Entrepreneurs have created her idol keeping in mind her contribution to the theme of this Durga Puja in Kolkata. What did the actor say after seeing his idol?

Keshtpur Prafulla Kanan West Residents Puja Committee is in its 18th year. The theme of this year's pendulum is the crisis of corona lockdown. The statue of Sonu Sud has been erected there in connection with the return of migrant workers

The actor was overwhelmed by the committee's move. Sonu Sood responded very politely. “My biggest prize yet,” he tweeted. People liked the actor's tweet very much. It has gone viral at the moment. Greetings and love for the actor have flooded the net world

Let me inform you, Sonu did not stop her social work even after the lockdown. Sonu Sood recently launched a scholarship scheme for young people preparing for IAS on the 13th death anniversary of her mother. Whose information he gave through social media.

Sonu Sood wrote in a tweet, 13th October, 13 years have passed since my mother's death. He has left a legacy of education behind him. Today, on his 13th death anniversary, I plan to offer a ‘Saroj Interest Scholarship’ to help those ready for IAS reach their goals. Mother, your blessing is desirable.