Sonu, who returned from a Pakistani jail after 13 years, thanked Modi for having a son


Bengali Hunt Desk: Sohan Singh alias Sonu, a young man from Lalitpur in Uttar Pradesh, forgot his way and crossed the border. Sonu, who lost his way, was arrested by Pakistani police on suspicion of being an Indian spy. Then he went to jail for unspeakable torture. An era has passed in the midst of all this. Sonu Singh finally returned to Pakistan this year after 13 years in prison. And after a long time, when he finally got his son back, the bereaved father said only one thing, 'Modi hai to mumkin hai'.

For the last 26 years, the Indian government has been trying to get Sonu released. Sonu finally returned to India on 26 October. But because of Corona, he has to stay in a quarantine center in Amritsar for so long. Sonu finally returned by train from Amritsar to Lalitpur on Saturday. He was greeted at the station by his family members, people from the entire village including State Minister for Labor Manohar Lal Panth.

Sonu later told reporters that he moved to Delhi for work at the age of 18. He also worked there. Then one day go to see Wagah Border. There he forgot his way and went to Pakistan. He has been a prisoner since he was caught by the security forces there. Unspeakable oppression is gone. And because of him, he has broken down mentally and physically. Father Roshan Singh said, the son has been self-absorbed since childhood.

At the age of 16, Sonu suddenly disappeared from home one day. The boy has not been found since. A few days ago, he was suddenly contacted by the government and informed that Sonu was a Pakistani prisoner and the Indian government was trying to bring him back. The boy finally returned home. And Roshan Singh is thanking Prime Minister Modi for having the child.