Sony releases a much more strong wearable AC

Sony has declared a abide by-up merchandise to the Reon Pocket, the application-controlled “wearable air conditioner” it produced previous 12 months immediately after crowdfunding it on the company’s own platform. The Reon Pocket 2 appears to be far more or less the similar as the first model, but the recently made internals can achieve up to 2 times the stage of heat absorption, in accordance to Sony, ensuing in much more highly effective cooling efficiency. Sony also states that it’s enhanced the sweat-proofing in the Reon Pocket 2, making it much more suitable for light-weight work out cases.

The prior model was primarily promoted as anything to don with a exclusive undershirt to make summertime commuting a lot more bearable, but this time all around Sony is emphasizing more versatile use conditions — specifically golfing. The business has partnered with sportswear models like Le Coq Sportif, Munsingwear, and Descente to generate a array of golf clothing that attributes pockets for the unit to slot into.

Sony has also made a neckstrap accessory so that the Reon Pocket can be employed with standard outfits. Formerly, you’d have to buy a bunch of pocketed undershirts from Sony.

The Reon Pocket 2 is out right now in Japan for 14,850 yen (about $138). No word on a launch in other places.