Sourav Ganguly flattered Chappell over the 'switch hit', he said.


Bangla Hunt Desk: In today's cricket, especially in T20 cricket, 'switch hit' shots are becoming popular day by day. And this ‘switch hit’ shot was sharply criticized by the Australian legend Ian Chappell. According to Chappell, the batsmen are doing injustice to the bowlers by playing these shots. Batsmen should also perform their moral duties if the umpire can be informed in advance how the bowlers will bowl. Without doing so, they are doing injustice to the bowlers by playing switch hits.

Former India captain and current BCCI president Sourav Ganguly disagrees with Aussie legend Ian Chappell. Sourav Ganguly said that new shots are emerging in modern cricket and everyone should openly accept this new addition to cricket.

No matter how much Ian Chappell opposes the switch hit shot, Sourav Ganguly thinks, “With all these new shots, cricket is becoming more modern with the help of T20 cricket. Sourav Ganguly is very happy that such a shot came out of the minds of the batsmen realizing the situation. Former India captain Sourav Ganguly has welcomed the new shot into international cricket. ”