Sourav Ganguly got the fear of ghosts, forced to go to another room


Sourav Ganguly faced such an incident during his team's visit to England in 2002. At this time Team India was staying the night at Lamle Castle Hotel in Durham. At that hotel, Ganguly heard the sound of tapping in his bathroom one day, but he got up and went to see it, the tap was off.

Also, many cricketers have been witnessing this kind of experience. London's Langham Hotel, where cricketers have experienced unusual things. At 28, Stuart Broad claimed that the toilet tap was opening itself. Ben Stokes was having sleep problems while in this room. Former Indian captain MS Dhoni has claimed that he saw a mysterious shadow inside the hotel.

The entire incident is mentioned in Ian Botham's autobiography Beffy's Cricket Tales. Recalling the episode, Ganguly said, “When I heard the tap, I got up and went to stop the water call but the call was already closed.

At first I thought there was a dream or the sound of a tap running from another house. I went to bed again and fell asleep. “The third time I heard the sound of a tap, I jumped out of bed and ran. I panicked and went to Robin Singh's house. Knocked at his door and asked if I could come to his house.

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