Sourav Ganguly took the responsibility of putting food in the face of 10,000 people daily.


At present, the number of coronas is increasing across the country. To prevent Corona, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced a 21-day lockdown across the country. On the day of this lockdown, workers suffered the most damage. So Sourav Ganguly, the captain of India, promised to stand beside the poor and put food on their faces.

As promised, Sourav Ganguly extended his helping hand towards the poor by appearing at the ISKCON house in Kolkata. Sourav Ganguly handed over the gloves and masks to his face. Earlier, Dada had appealed to the locals to comply with the lockdown, and he also requested everyone to stay at the house. Grandpa was very aware that nobody was crowded.

Sourav Ganguly took responsibility for eating 10,000 people daily at ISKCON. According to ISKCON, we used to feed ten thousand people daily, so with the help of Sourav Gangas, we could put food in the mouth of thousands of people daily. Earlier, Sourav Ganguly came to Belur Math with 2000kg of rice.

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