South Africa postponed Sri Lanka visit indefinitely because of Corona.


Corona's push again in cricket. Cricket series suspended for Corona The South African cricket team was scheduled to travel to Sri Lanka in June but the South African cricket team postponed the tour due to the Corona virus. The D-Cocks were scheduled to play three T20s and three ODIs against Sri Lanka in June. But at the moment, the South African Cricket Board has postponed the tour, keeping in mind the situation around the world.

When other countries around the world have suffered greatly for Corona, the situation is comparatively lower when compared with other countries in Sri Lanka. But that is not yet completely normal. For that reason, the South African Cricket Board has informed that the tour has been postponed for the time being due to the health concerns of the cricketers and support staff. Later, when the situation is under control, one can think about this series.

The South African cricket team returned to South Africa in the middle of the series to be canceled due to the India vs South Africa series in March. Then they had to spend 14 days in the quarantine of the country. That is why the South African team did not get the opportunity to practice properly in order to have a lockdown at the moment, which is also one of the reasons why this series has gone wrong.

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