Space travel will be affordable in India, private companies will benefit from ISRO


BanglaHunt Desk: In an effort to promote Make in India, the government has decided to open it up for private participation in the aerospace sector. In April, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) took the opportunity to announce where creative technology is needed to innovate the human space program and explore space. The idea behind this is to expand scientific knowledge, increase economic growth, add value to the standard of living of a common man and ensure national development.

That would be useful in the case of technology

Radiation hazard characterization and mitigation strategies; Space food and related technologies; Habitat technology; Human robotic interface; Thermal protection systems; Environmental control and life support systems; Green propulsion; Advanced content; Debris management and mitigation; Energy harness and storage; CT 3D manufacturing technology for space; Fluid technology and management; Space bioengineering; Bio-astronomy; Simulated Gravity Technologies; Human psychology for long-term missions; Space Medicine and Diagnosis; Any other related technology related to the human space program.

Milind Kulshreshtha said

4I expert Milind Kulshreshtha said, “ISRO has different conditions for development work. Advanced payloads, however, will not be allowed to carry any chemical or nuclear, biological samples that are prohibited by COSPR guidelines on planetary protection. It will be the responsibility of the agency responsible for ensuring that the payload does not cause any harm due to any harmful contamination of the external space environment.