Speaking on the morning of Sushant's death, Mahesh Bhatt said to call Riya again at noon!


Banglahant Desk: The names of Rhea Chakraborty and director Mahesh Bhatt are coming up more and more in the case of Sushant Singh Rajput. Earlier, the WhatsApp chat between the two on June 7 has come to light. Riya left Sushant on the same day. This time it was known that on June 14, the day of the actor's death, Riya-Mahesh was also talked about.

According to a media report, the leaked chats took place between Riya and Mahesh between June 9 and 15. Riya is seen repeatedly calling the director an 'angel' in the chat. The actress also said that he saved her.

Mahesh Bhatt advised Riya to stay away from Sushant, it is clear from the chat between the two. Then on June 14 at 9:35 am, Riya sent a 'morning coat' to the director as usual. After replying to that message, Mahesh Bhatt asked him to call him again at 2:35 pm on the same day.

The director then made two missed calls on the rear phone. The next day, June 15, send a message to Riya. According to the news media, it is known from that message that Riya herself came out of Sushant's flat. Earlier in the interrogation, the actress said that Sushant's sister Mitu would come and the actor told her to leave.

Incidentally, a screenshot of Riya and Mahesh's June 8 WhatsApp chat has recently been released on behalf of an all-India news medium. Riya is seen there saying, ‘Ayesha is moving on. With a heavy heart and a hint of liberation. Our last phone call opened my eyes. You are my angel. You were there before and you are still here. '

In reply, Mahesh Bhatt said, “Don't look back. Make the impossible possible. My love for your father. He will be happy. 'Riya countered,' I have got some courage, sir. What I said about my father on the phone that day helped me to be strong. '

After that, some more conversations between Mahesh and Riya came to light where Riya was seen addressing Mahesh Bhatt as 'Niyati'. The actress further said that the two of them have become one.