Special discount in the fourth phase lockdown sports! So what is the future of IPL?


The fourth phase of lockdown has started across the country since yesterday. After the end of the three-phase lockdown, the central government has relaxed several rules in the fourth phase lockdown. As per the instructions of the Union Home Ministry, various stadiums and sports complexes have been directed to be opened in the fourth phase. However, spectators are still barred from entering the stadium and organizing events. If spectators cannot enter the stadium, why is the stadium allowed to open? This raises questions.

Officials from various sports organizations feel that the fourth round of lockdowns will allow them to outline players' practice. Athletes from Patiwala and Bangalore Sai have already demanded the federation to practice. Many people think that after receiving the government's guidelines, the Home Ministry has already given some special concessions in the field of sports so that the federation does not waste a single day.

Although the stadium has reopened, no guidelines have yet been issued on aviation. In addition, foreign aviation is completely banned. And that is why there is no possibility of cricket starting anyway now, especially the IPL. BCCI treasurer Arun Dhumal said the situation was not normal across the country yet. There are also restrictions on international flights. Under such circumstances, foreign cricketers cannot come to India. That is why he does not see any possibility of starting IPL now.