Special power is coming into the hands of China, which can change the country's climate in a moment

BanglaHunt Desk: China will change the natural weather! Not only that, the weather will change artificially in places one and a half times bigger than India! Is this also possible? The land mafia China is moving fast to make itself omnipotent. Accordingly, the work of inventing a device to change the weather is going on. That amazing device will be seen by 2025.

China is building a climate change instrument

China is on the path of a historic change. According to a source, the work on the weather modification system has been going on in Beijing for several years. If China becomes the owner of this special power, then the power to change the natural climate will be in China's hands. Then China will be able to change the climate of the region at will.

Chinese scientists have done this before

If China's experiment is successful, China will be able to create artificial weather in an area of ​​5.5 million square kilometers or 2.1 million square miles by 2025. However, Chinese scientists claim that even after the 2008 Olympics hosted by China, they cleared the city's skies through the cloud seeding process. They succeeded in experimenting with keeping the weather clean by mixing very small amounts of silver iodide in the clouds and creating a lot of steam by raining down quickly.

Climate can change

However, if the process that China is currently working on succeeds, Jinping's country will be able to control the weather in an area about one and a half times larger than India. Rainfall, snowfall, sunny skies, and even a climate conducive to agriculture will be key to wherever China wants. At the same time, China will be able to protect the region from natural disasters and emergencies.