Special suit brought from America for Indian Army, to protect soldiers in the bitter cold of Ladakh

Bangla Hunt Desk: The Indian Army is fully prepared to deal with the terrible cold along with China in the de facto Line of Control in East Ladakh. The first batch of special clothing has been sent from America for Indian soldiers deployed at the Chinese border. According to official sources, clothing used to keep the body of the soldier warm in the bone-chilling cold used by the US military has been brought to India. Our soldiers are using those special clothes now.

According to sources, the army stored 60,000 sets of clothes for the troops deployed in the entire Ladakh sector, including the eastern Ladakh sector and the western end of Siachen. This year, 30,000 sets were needed, as about 90,000 troops have been deployed along the border in response to China's aggressive attitude.

The soldiers have a lot of advantages to buy these clothes worn in the very cold season. India LSIT has deployed two additional divisions, these divisions have been brought from hilly areas and plains. All of them have been trained for many years to climb mountains.

India is buying many kinds of tools from America. These include Assault Rifles for Special Forces as well as Sigsor Assault Rifles for Infantry. According to defense sources, India does not want to make any more mistakes by relying on China in the escalating tensions in the LAC. And for this reason, arrangements have been made in Ladakh for Indian soldiers in the bone-chilling winter so that they can stay at ease till the next summer.