SpiceJet pilots will not receive their April and May salaries


Just as the Corona situation has shut down small businesses, it is also causing problems in big industries. It can be said that many people do not get paid for this reason. The private airline SpiceJet informed its pilots on Wednesday that they would not receive any pay in April and May. Not only that, pilots will be paid on the basis of flight time.

Gurucharan Aurora, the company's chief airline operating officer, told the pilots by email. At present, sixteen percent and twenty percent of the pilots are pilots. Because Corona's death situation has now put everyone under house arrest. It has been almost a month since the lockdown but the situation is still not normal and it is very difficult to say when. So now the plane is off in that sense. The lockdown has been going on since March 25 to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Five cargo planes are being operated in Spice Jet's 11-passenger fleet. All other planes are closed. Narendra Modi has locked down the service for the next 21 days to keep it normal and under control. Thirty days have passed. The number of victims is also increasing by leaps and bounds. Now that time is increasing as it progresses.

All the states are extending the lockdown till May 3. Let's see which way the situation goes. The world has stopped in panic. Morning and morning are not like the night is shunsana. The road is unmanned. And now everyone is trapped in the house to save lives.