Spreading disinfectant in open space is not a virus but a human harm: WHO


The World Health Organization (WHO) has been embroiled in controversy over the coronavirus (COVID-19). Sometimes they say that this deadly disease does not spread through people, but sometimes the organization is criticized for commenting on the mask. While all the countries of the world blamed China for the corona virus, there were repeated allegations that the WHO supported China.

WHO's views on Corona

Currently, the WHO has recognized China as the originator of the corona virus. And there are various approaches to the release of the virus. Recently, they said, “Spraying germs in the open does not kill the corona, on the contrary, it harms people.” Explaining the reason, the WHO says that in the open, dust mixed with sand is likely to reduce the ability of this disinfectant to become inactive.

Corona situation in the world

The world's deadliest corona virus is causing panic among mankind. Researchers are working to find the right antidote for the virus. It is hoped that the exact vaccine for this virus will be discovered by the end of this year. About 3 lakh people have died of the virus so far.

Don't kill the germs

Disinfectant sprays are being spread in different areas due to the release of corona virus. If a person is infected with corona in any area, disinfectant spray is also being given to the surrounding area including his house. But WHO scientists believe that if these pesticides are released into the environment, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages.

On the contrary, people are being harmed

In general, it is not advisable to apply any disinfectant on any person or animal. Otherwise, there is a possibility of his physical and mental damage. ‘Using Lorine or other toxic chemical sprays on the human body can cause irritation to the eyes and skin of the person and also cause bronchospasm and gastrointestinal effects. But on the contrary, the chances of the corona virus spreading have not diminished, “said WHO.

Proper application method of disinfectant

The WHO reports that if a dry cloth can be wiped with a disinfectant, there are many benefits. It is more beneficial to wipe with a cloth than to spray. However, they also said that the corona virus does not die in this little way.