Spreadsheet Kya Hai? Worksheet Kya Hai? Workbook Kya Hai – Know Difference Between Spreadsheet And Worksheet In Hindi!

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In today’s post we are going to tell you What is a spreadsheet? (Spreadsheet Kya Hai) If you also want to use Spreadsheet and want to get information about it, then you are reading the perfect post because today you will know what Spreadsheet is in Hindi, what is Spreadsheet Ke Pramukh Karya.

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With this, today you will know the worksheet Kya Hai Hindi Me, Spreadsheet Meaning in Hindi through this post. We will explain to you what is Spreadsheet in Hindi in very simple language. Hope you like all our posts. In the same way, you continued to like all the posts on our blog. So let’s know what is a worksheet and what is a spreadsheet

Earlier calculators were used to make large calculations or were calculated and kept in books. It took too much time to do such a big calculation and also had to work hard. But now every kind of calculation can be done in a while using Spreadsheet.

Today, Excel is being used in the field of calculus. Excel is being used to keep so much data and to save so many files in which you can create a Spreadsheet. With the help of this, you can prepare the account of anything, mark sheet, information of salary of employees and keep it with you.

What Is Workbook? And now we will learn more about what worksheet is. Do you also want to create a spreadsheet to calculate your data, then this post What Is Spreadsheet In Excel In Hindi? What is a worksheet and must read these worksheets from beginning to end. After reading the post from beginning to end, you will get complete information about it.

Spreadsheet Kya Hai

A Spreadsheet is a computer software or program that provides the facility to manage, arrange data in the form of Row and Column, which means that the data you have arranged in Row and Column, in the form of Row and Column. You could do some kind of analysis.

This data can be any text, numerical information or logical information. You can perform different types of calculations on this. The largest calculation can also be done in a short time by this.

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If the data is written by creating a table in a simple way on a document, then you cannot perform it automatically if you have to do any calculation on that data. But inside the Spreadsheet there are tools that provide the facility to analyze the data that is generated in the table form.

Spreadsheet Ke Pramukh Karya

The following are the functions of a spreadsheet:

  • It performs some kind of calculation and data processing.
  • Sorting and searching can be done quickly and easily of any database.
  • Business graphics can be created. Such as charts and graphs.

Spreadsheet Ke Upyog

Know what Spreadsheet is used for and why it is used:

  • In this, you can store your data and content.
  • If you want to create your own budget or your department’s budget, business budget then you can use Spreadsheet.
  • With this help you can do any kind of statistical analysis.
  • It can also be used to search large files.

Worksheet Kya Hai

A worksheet is a collection of cells. Where you can keep your data, you can also manipulate them. All Excel workbooks have multiple worksheets.

Worksheet Format Kaise Kare

How to Format a Worksheet If you want to use it, then it is very important for you to know. So, know how to format the worksheet next:

Apply Cells Borders

  • First select Cell and Range of Cells. The ones you want to add Border.
  • Now select the text that you want to format. You can select one or more text in the cell and apply different colors on those sections.
  • To change the selected text’s alignment, click on the Alignment Group in the Home tab and click on Alignment.

Change Column Width

  • To change the column width, select the columns you want to format. Now go to Home Tab and click on Format Button Cells Group.
  • Now a Dropdown Menu will open. Now choose Column Width. A Floating Window will open.
  • This default is of Column Width 8.43 characters, here you can enter any value.

Change row height

  • To change Row Height, select the row you want to change.
  • Now go to the Home Tab and click on the Format Button in the Cells Group and then click on Row Height.
  • Now a Floating Window will open.
  • Now enter the value in the Row Height box and make it Ok.

Difference Between Spreadsheet And Worksheet In Hindi

Some differences are also found in spreadsheet and worksheet. Know the difference between them:

  • A spreadsheet is a type of computer program and a worksheet is a collection of cells.
  • Cells are made by Row and Column in a spreadsheet. In these cells, a number or text is written and the formula can be used anywhere in the sheet to calculate it. Which is called a worksheet.

Worksheets Ko Ek Worksheet Me Merge Kaise Kare

You can merge two or more worksheets into one worksheet. If you have created your students’ result data in 2 or more sheets, then you can merge it in a single worksheet. Similarly, if you have created any other type of sheet, you can also merge it into one sheet:
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First of all, open your Excel sheet.

Now you have to open a new sheet. Here, you select any cell, wherever you want to make the result.

Now you have to go to the data option.

In this, you have to click on the option of Consolidate.

Here you will see the function, click on its drop down menu. In this, you will see some options, you have to combine all your sheets into one sheet and make a result, then click on Sum.

After this, the option of Reference will appear in it, you will see an Icon in Last, click on it. Now select your first sheet, select it completely and then click on Down Arrow above.

Now click on the Add button. In the same way, add as many sheets as you have.

After adding all the sheets, you will see the option of Use Label In. If you want to add the header above your sheet, then tick the top row.

Now tick the left column as well.

  • Tick ​​Create Links To Source Data

Now Tick on Create Links To Source Data and make it Ok. After this, all your sheets have been merged into one sheet and the total of your sheets will now come. So in this way you can merge all your sheets into one sheet.

Workbook Kya Hai

A workbook is an Excel file. A workbook has 256 worksheets and By Default it has 3 worksheets. New worksheets can be added and deleted in it and the sheet can also be renamed.

Also, the sheet can be easily copied and moved. As soon as you open the workbook, the worksheet also opens. You can work on only one workbook at a time.

Workbook And Worksheet Difference In Hindi

We will know further what is the difference between a workbook and a worksheet:

  • A workbook is an Excel file that contains a lot of worksheets. A worksheet is like the pages of a book.
  • A workbook contains 256 worksheets. A worksheet has 65536 rows and 256 columns.
  • You can add a new worksheet to a workbook and delete it. Each column in the worksheet has a name that is defined with an alphabet, the row is defined with a numeric number.


What is Worksheet? You know in today’s post. Along with this, you also know about Difference Between Workbook And Worksheet In Hindi, hope that the information given by us will be useful for you.
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