Sravanti-Roshan quarrel in public again! Roshan leaked the picture of the WhatsApp message


BanglaHunt Desk: Sravanti Chatterjee and Roshan Singh have once again got into a fight on social media. However, without naming like the previous time, he indirectly threw a sharp sneer at the two of them. Roshan Singh recently shared a screenshot of a WhatsApp message on his Insta Story. That is where the loud noise started.

As can be seen in the screenshot of that message, one is writing not to message now because he is playing a game. The other person's answer is, he plays the game. He has no more work. Has Roshan indirectly beaten Sravanti through this status? Netizens are asking this question.

On the other hand, after sharing Roshan's status, Sravanti shared a video on her Insta handle. In the video, he is heard saying that if he wears a mask, even the people he knows now cannot be recognized. However, no matter what I say about this, Sravanti said that the video was made to make people aware of Corona.

Incidentally, Sravanti Roshan had taunted each other on social media before. Roshan shared a comic on his Insta handle. It shows a man proposing to a woman. However, his style of offering is a little different. The man is asking, are you willing to destroy my life?

Roshan shared the picture and wrote that he shared this picture with a lot of fun. After that the reply was from Sravanti. He shared a quote where he wrote, You can temporarily suppress a woman. But a real woman will always come back stronger by putting her broken pieces together.

After that Roshan deleted his picture. After opening his own gym fitness empire, Roshan also opened the gym franchise Kick 2 to hit Sravanti. He also taunted the actress directly, “You don't need an 'empire' to stay fit. That's enough of a “kick.”