SRHvDC: Brook’s work was done in two balls, fans said – ‘Don’t know how long this will continue’


SRHvDC: दो गेंदों में ब्रूक का काम हुआ तमाम, फैंस बोले-

harry brook trolled Image Credit source: Twitter/ @SahisahilS

The Indian Premier League 2023 caravan continues to move forward. There is a strong tinge of excitement in him. Desi uncapped players are making their respective franchises and cricket fans happy by working hard in this league. But there are some players on whom the franchisee played a big bet and showered a lot of money on these players, but these batsmen did not do that work. For which he was known. One such name is Harry Brook, on whom Hyderabad spent Rs 13.25 crores, but the expectations that the franchise and the fans of Hyderabad had placed on him have all been dashed.

If Brook’s one innings was left, then his bat did not yield runs this season and something similar was seen in the 40th match of IPL. Playing against Delhi, when Hyderabad got into trouble after losing 3 wickets at 83, they hoped that Harry Brook would handle it. But Harry came and went back after playing for a few seconds. Harry has been able to score only 163 runs in 8 matches in IPL 2023, which also includes a century. People are trolling Harry Brook by sharing memes on Twitter.

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Can’t seem to see the performance

after today’s match

after a shift


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so get out early

when will the form come back

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