Sri Lankan criticizes the dogs on the way back to their homes


BanglaHunt Desk: Srilakha Mitra once again made the headlines. Earlier, he had faced intense criticism from a section of netizens over the responsibility of feeding dogs in the middle of the lockdown. Many people laughed at him for having this 'overgrowth' of dogs where people were unable to eat. But getting away with it, the actress started working with more enthusiasm. This time he sheltered the dogs on his way home.

Srilaka arranged for the street dogs to stay in their house in the indoor palace. He took over all the responsibility of eating and caring for them. The actress' social media handle is now filled with puppy pics. He shared the picture of spending time at home with them on his Insta handle. All these pictures have now gone viral in the net world.

Srilekha also shared pictures of puppies feeding on the street. But as many have commented, he broke the rules of lockdown by getting out of the way. The actress did not respond to that.

Many people know that Srilaka loves dogs very much. He had earlier shared a picture of dogs feeding on the road in front of the residence. Sri Lanka did not hesitate to wear a mask as he was out on the road. He shared those pictures on his Insta handle. He also requested others to come forward. Needless to say, the pictures went viral.

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