Srilekha's serious allegation of nepotism against Prosenjit in Tollywood, actor finally opens his mouth

BanglaHunt Desk: At the end of June, the tollywood industry went into a frenzy due to a video of actress Srilekha Mitra. Srilekha brought allegations of nepotism against Prosenjit Chatterjee and Rituparna Sengupta. The actress even accused him of giving her a chance in the film by removing her.

Although he did not open his mouth at that time, Prosenjit finally broke his silence on this issue. In a live chat with actor Joyjit Bondopadhyay, he answered all the allegations against him without naming anyone.

In the words of the actor, “I have been in the world of cinema for almost 35 years. The world of this movie is the same all over the world. My only question is, if anyone can prove me wrong I will get the head. You can do everything. But it is not up to you whether the audience will buy a ticket and watch the movie. Can you force them to buy tickets? ”

Prosenjit added, “Viewers will see pictures of their favorite actors, actresses, directors, script writers. No force can stop them. With the blessings of God, with the blessings of the people of West Bengal, people watch my movies. There is nothing wrong with me. ”

“The godfather is very important in the industry. Those who get work in exchange for something. I had no such godfather. At that time Prosenjit, Chiranjit, Tapas ran the Rai industry. But Bumbada was number one.

At that time, despite my qualifications, the character of the heroine was not given. Because then Prosenjit's love with Rituparna is going on. Rituparna used to get the role of heroine even if she came late. That's why I started working in television. I have not fallen in love with any director-producer. Who will give me work? Besides, I talk nonsense, I don't even take the opportunity to be beautiful. ”