'Stand beside people without cooking videos', slammed in the face of intense criticism


BanglaHunt Desk: Nusrat jahan taught biryani cooking a while back. Then came the Bihari Chicken Recipe. And now it's the turn of the desserts. The actress was seen sitting at the grassroots making the cake and the grassroots MP from Basirhat. And when it came out in public, the negativity broke out. In this situation where people are unable to eat, Nusrat is sharing the cooking video! The actress has to face severe criticism.
Now Nusrat Jahan is in complete captivity. So he is sitting at home with the latest cook. Sometimes he has been seen making biryani, sometimes chicken and sometimes cake. Husband is cooking up all of Nikhil's favorite posts and sharing them on social media. And for this purpose he has to face the wrath of the netizens.

Speaking of angry netizens, when a large section of society couldn't figure out what to fill their stomachs with, Nusrat was sharing a cooking video for a public representative. His main duty at this time is to stand beside the people. One commented, “This time people do not want to see you cook, but rather want to look at them. If you can't work, stop these circuses. ”Another said,” Now stand by the man. “

However, Nusrat did not respond to any comments. One day earlier, he said he did not like helping people. But it's not just Nusrat who is spending time like this. Recently he was seen in the Cheetla market. Nusrat Jahan also taught people to adhere to social detaining in addition to buying their own home accessories.

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