Standing up without anyone’s help, ‘Prince’ Yuvan is showing surprises in just six months! Viral video


Banglahunt Desk: There has been no end to the rumors about him since his birth. Why or why not, Raj Chakraborty (raj chakraborty) and Shubhshree Ganguly (subhashree ganguly) son Yuvan (yuvaan). This little one is the child of Tollywood’s undisputed star. In just six months, Yuvan has been gaining popularity with his parents.

Until a few days ago, Ivan was seen crawling around the house. However, he did not mind crawling for a long time. In the midst of this, little Yuvan has learned to stand up alone, again at the age of only six months! Everyone’s eyes are on the forehead seeing the small incident. Everyone is unanimously acknowledging that Yuvan is an ‘advanced baby’.

Yuvan had shown such a surprise before. He was seen standing on his own two feet, leaning on the things around him. Raj expressed surprise by sharing this video of the boy. This time no recourse was needed.

He posed for the camera without holding anything by himself. Who is to say that he is only six months old? Of course, after standing for a while, Yuvan fell down again. Netizens are crazy about his ‘cuteness’.

Baba Raj Chakraborty cannot see these moments of his son from the front as he is busy in the election campaign. However, Shubhshree is sending all the videos of his son so that he does not miss anything. This video was shared by Raj himself. The caption reads, ‘I love you baby’.

A few days ago, Raj shared a new video of the boy. The video shows Yuvan sitting on the sofa. Shubhshree is calling the boy by name from behind the camera. On the other hand, Yuvan looked at the camera in surprise. While sitting, Yuvan suddenly leaned to one side. Sharing this sweet video, Raj writes that he misses Yuvan very much.