Starting to drive a car to take the helm of the needy world, this woman has changed the definition of women empowerment


BanglaHunt Desk: In a country like India, women have to face many obstacles to do anything independently. Besides, many women do not like driving. It is a long way to go. Overcoming all these obstacles, a woman from Haryana has written a new definition of women's empowerment. He has proved that women are not behind men in anything.

Pramila, a resident of Hisar, Haryana, has been driving an auto for the last six years. She drives her own car and teaches other women to drive. People used to criticize him and now people are praising him.

The financial condition of Premila's house was not good. In such a situation, he thinks of driving an auto. As thought works, he learns to drive an auto. After that, the then Superintendent of Police Shashank Anand also encouraged Pramila.

Pramila launched Pink Auto in town. Initially, 20 women joined him. Gradually his team grew. Pramila fell ill a year and a half ago. He stopped driving auto. However, she is still training women.

Wherever women are trained to drive around Rohtak. The local administration cooperated with Pramila. After that, Pramila and her team went there for training. Premila claims that she can teach anyone to drive within a maximum of three days.