Stop Breaking Your Budget This Summer

Credit: Riccardo via Pexels 

Summer is the season that’s jam-packed with road trips, outdoor concerts, cabin weekends and tropical vacations. Naturally, it’s also the season that strains your finances. These summer activities cost a lot of money, and if you’re not careful, you could go drastically overbudget.  

The Problem with Summer Overspending

The problem with overspending during the summer is that you could push the boundaries of your budget and put yourself into a bad financial spot. If you’re not careful, you could put your checking account into the red and collect NSF fees. You could accidentally bounce an important check. You could run out of funds for upcoming bill payments and get charged with late fees.

At the very least, overspending will make you vulnerable to emergencies. You won’t have any funds available for a surprise expense.

Managing Surprise Expenses

What if it’s too late? What if you overspent and there’s an emergency expense you can’t afford? Don’t panic — you still have some options.

You can use your credit card to cover an emergency expense if your balance is nowhere near the limit. A high balance could lead you to accidentally max out the card. Another option is to apply for a personal loan online. With an approved personal loan, you can use borrowed funds to cover the expense quickly and then move forward with repayments. 

Be sure to look up online loans that are specifically available in your home state. So, if you live in Tulsa, you should look up loans in Oklahoma to manage the emergency expense. This should speed up the application process. 

How Can You Save During the Summer?

Summer isn’t over just yet. Follow these simple tips so that you can stop straining your budget for the rest of the season. 

Skip the Tropical Vacation

If your budget is tight, you shouldn’t book a tropical vacation for yourself. Why? It costs a considerable amount to travel abroad. You’ll be paying for more than plane tickets and hotel rooms. You’ll also pay for restaurant meals, guided tours, clothes, souvenirs and more.

Plus, travel prices are increasing because of inflation — you’ll find everything from booking tickets to renting a car is more expensive this year. 

Go Local

If you’re not going on an international trip, what can you do? Focus on nearby destinations! You won’t have to pay for any of your typical travel costs when you explore what your home state has to offer. You can spend a day lounging on the beach or walking through museums and then drive back home when you’re ready to leave. It’s easy and budget-friendly. 

Split Costs

Friends can make your summer activities more enjoyable and affordable. Invite them along to your cabin getaway or weekend road trip. They can split the costs for essentials like gas, food and rental fees — and they can provide some good company.

Embrace Nature

The summer months are perfect for planning outdoor activities — many of which are very cheap. Go for a long bike ride. Hike a beginner trail in one of the country’s national parks. Plan a picnic with your friends.

Dine In, Not Out

Summer is patio season, so it will be tempting to go out to restaurants and bars as much as possible. But dining out all of the time is an expensive habit to keep up with. 

To cut food costs, try to cook at home more often. If you want to hang out with friends in the sunshine, invite them over. Set up a potluck event where everyone brings food and drinks to share.

Save yourself from the consequences of overspending this summer. As you can see, you can still enjoy the season on a budget.