Strange creatures that look like humans were found from the belly of the shark! Viral pictures on Netdunia

BanglaHunt Desk: The whole world is full of mysteries. Every day something mysterious happens. Recently, netizens have been thinking about a viral picture. A shark’s stomach was cut from the bottom of the water and found to look like a human! Whose face looks a lot like a human. The photo of this animal has gone viral on social media. And since then, netizens have been worried.

The incident took place in Indonesia. One day, a pregnant shark was caught in the net of 46-year-old fisherman Abdullah Nuren. The fish died shortly after being taken into the boat. After that, the fisherman decided to cut the fish and cut the shark’s stomach. Is it an animal inside a shark’s stomach? Looks a bit like a human. Exactly human-like eyes, lips.

Humans have a lot in common with the shark’s stomach. The creature has two human-like eyes and no nose, but has human-like lips. Although it looks a bit like a human, the rest of the body is like a shark. There are also fins and tails.

Sharing pictures of this strange creature on social media went viral. Although some people wanted to buy this strange animal again for money, the fisherman did not agree to sell this animal. He took the baby shark to his home to see this strange thing. Many people have gathered to see this strange creature.