Strange lockdown is being observed in Pakistan! School closed but mosque open

Bengali Hunt Desk: In Pakistan, the number of people infected with the corona virus has crossed 11,000. And so far 236 people have died. And even then the government failed to take drastic action. Incidentally, a lockdown has been announced in Pakistan because of Corona, but many concessions have been made in this lockdown, and doctors have opposed it. Although schools and colleges were closed during the lockdown in Pakistan, mosques and public prayers have not stopped.

Doctors in Pakistan say the situation in Pakistan is set to worsen over the next four weeks due to the corona virus epidemic. They said that the lockdown that is going on in the country now is being joked in the name of lockdown. There will be no work in this lockdown. It is important for the country to observe a strict lockdown in the next one month. According to a report published in Pakistani media, some senior doctors of the country have said this in a press conference.

They said that unless a strict lockdown was imposed in the country, the number of corona patients in Pakistan would increase to 60,000 by May 15. Then the country will need at least 6,000 ventilators for emergency patients. And half of the country has ventilators.

Doctors have strongly objected to the lockdown in the country, saying the consequences would be very serious. They said public prayers should not have been allowed in the mosque. No shopping mall, supermarket should be allowed to gather crowds for one to two months in any way.

Earlier, 20 Pakistani doctors wrote letters to the ulema and the government demanding the withdrawal of permission to offer public prayers in the mosque during the month of Ramadan.