Strange thing! Divorced the same woman 3 times and got married 4 times to get paid leave


BanglaHunt Desk: You’ve probably heard that people are making new excuses to take time off from work, but have you ever heard of someone getting married repeatedly to take time off? Probably not! But recently, a strange thing happened to a man from Taiwan who divorced the same woman 3 times in 36 days and got married 4 times just to get leave.

Let it be known that the rule of Taiwan is that if an employee gets married, he will be given 7 days paid leave. Applying that rule, the man who is a banker there, divorced the same woman three times and got married four times, as a result of which he is entitled to 32 days leave. But after spending 7 days of that leave, when the person asks the bank authorities for 7 days leave for the next marriage, the authorities have doubts in their minds. That’s when they refused to leave.

But the man became angry and complained to the Taiwan Labor Bureau. Then the investigation on their behalf began. This strange incident came up there. It is learned that the bank employee is repeatedly divorcing the same woman for paid leave and getting married more than once. As a result, the Labor Bureau convicted the man who had filed a complaint against the bank authorities for violating the Labor Leave Act.

As soon as the whole incident spread on social media, it went viral in an instant. Netizens have also started reacting like themselves. But the funniest response is – “Men Will Be Men”.