‘Strict punishment should be given to those who show cartoons of Hazrat Mohammad’, pleaded by Imran Khan

Bangla Hunt Desk: Pak government Imran Khan (imarn khan) in a tough mood. Imran Khan tweeted to European statesmen demanding severe punishment for those who insulted Hazrat Mohammad. Pakistan is up in arms over the display of a caricature of Hazrat Mohammad in France’s ‘Shirley Abdo’.

Pakistan is once again heated over the display of Hazrat Mohammad’s caricatures in France. In the wake of this incident, Imran Khan’s ‘Tehreek-e-Insaf’ government demanded the expulsion of the accused French ambassador in a deal with the TLP. Besides, Islamabad is preparing to sever ties with France.

Despite promising to take strong action against the incident by February, the French government did not do so in the end. At present, the Pak government is in a tough mood in this regard. Imran Khan has appealed to the European countries to take stern action against those who are insulting Muhammad.

Imran Khan tweeted several times demanding punishment for insulting Hazrat Mohammad in future. He wrote, ‘The same punishment should be given for insulting Muhammad as it is for committing genocide in Europe. In the name of freedom of speech, many Western states and far-right organizations are insulting Muhammad. This kind of activity hurts the religious sentiments of Muslims. They should apologize for doing this kind of thing. ‘