Strong profit by selling Splendor, earning ₹ 100 on each stock, shareholders became ‘Hero’


Hero Splendor खरीदें सिर्फ 28000 रुपये में, यहां मिल रही जबरदस्त डील

The shareholders of a company that manufactures bikes like ‘Splendor’ have made a profit of ₹ 100 on each stock.Image Credit source: Hero MotoCorp

Best selling motorcycle in the country Hero Splendor manufacturing company Hero MotoCorp There has been a tremendous sale in the January-March quarter. Due to this, the profit of the company has increased by 37 percent as compared to last year. Not only this, the company has also taken full care of its share holders and in a year they have earned Rs 100 sitting at home on each stock.

Hero MotoCorp has made a net profit of Rs 859 crore in the fourth quarter of the financial year 2022-23. At the same time, the income from the operation of the company has increased by 12 percent. It has been Rs 8,307 crore, which was Rs 8,238 crore in the same quarter of the financial year 2021-22.

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₹100 earned on each stock

Along with releasing the financial results of the fourth quarter, the board of directors of the company also announced the dividend of the shareholders. The company declared a final dividend of Rs.35 per share. (Final Dividend) announced to give. In this way, the company has given a dividend of Rs 100 on each stock in the entire financial year.

When any company earns a good profit, it distributes a part of it among its share holders. This is called Dividend in English and Dividend in Hindi means a part of profit.

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Splendor’s sale has been tremendous

While the Hero MotoCorp’s Splendor is the cheapest motorcycle in the country, it is also the best selling bike. It has topped the sales charts for all three months of January, February and March 2023. Splendor sold 2,61,833 units in January, 2,88,605 units in February and 3,17,103 units in March. alone like this Splendor’s Sale 8.67 Lakh Unit has been exceeded.

Not only this, the company has also announced to increase the sale of its electric vehicle recently. Where the company will take its Vida outlet to 100 cities. At the same time, new electric vehicles will also be launched.

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