Student offered love by embracing Pakistan! The university suspended


BanglaHunt Desk: Recently, a viral video of a sweet proposal has been circulating on social media. This video of love appeal has caught the attention of netizens on the one hand, but on the other hand, the condition of the couple seen in the video has become deplorable.

The video is inside the campus of Lahore University in Pakistan. Standing on the campus of the university, a girl offered love to her male friend. He had to kneel down with a bunch of flowers and offer love to his friend. The friend also agreed and hugged the girl.

The video went viral after it was shared on social media inside a Pakistani university campus. At the same time the noise fell all around. In a conservative country like Pakistan, the question arises as to how a woman can offer her own love in this way.

Authorities have also accused the two students of disturbing discipline inside the campus. When the two of them were called after the incident, the university committee decided to expel them as they were absent. They have been strictly instructed not to enter the university premises, alleging violation of the university’s code of conduct.