Stunt Video: The parrot blew up the Internet with its stunt, people said – it’s all a matter of sinful stomach


Stunt Video: तोते ने स्टंट से इंटरनेट पर उड़ाया गर्दा, लोग बोले- सब पापी पेट का सवाल है

parrot stuntImage Credit source: Instagram/@animalsquare_09

Parrot Stunt Video: You must have seen many videos related to Rattu parrot. You must have been surprised to see some of them. But have you ever seen a parrot doing stunts, that too like a film hero. We know you will say that this is a bit much. but viral Video Whatever the parrot is seen doing in me, you might also react in the same way after seeing it. However, there is a reason behind this stunt of parrot, about which the users are furious.

In the video going viral, you can see two colorful parrots. The very next moment the yellow colored parrot starts rolling on the head. Seeing this, you will also say – he has done wonders. But when you pay attention, you will come to know that both the birds are thrashing like this due to the greed of food. People felt very bad about this. People believe that the person behind the camera is taking advantage of the helplessness of the birds.

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Watch here, video of parrot doing stunt

The video of the stunt parrot has been shared on the social media platform Instagram on an account named @animalsquare_09. More than 2.6 lakh people have liked this clip of a few seconds, while many have registered their reactions. The user may have put two hearts emoji in the caption, but some people are furious in the comment section.

A user has written, see the pain of their helplessness. Poor people are doing stunts for food. On the other hand, another user says, tell them now they have to work to feed themselves. Another user has commented, this next door is like my younger brother. Didi will get whatever she wants, but didi will work hard. Another user has written, Mujrebaaz Bande.

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