Successful administration in Amethi: The number of corona attacks is zero


The Corona virus in Amethi is almost gone. Here is the strict system that picture. DM Arun Kumar along with the monitoring sent all quarantines from other provinces, regions or overseas. With this, he has built 25 quarantine centers in Amethi so far where four quarantine centers are located. Monitoring is done daily from the control room involved in the environment.

A virus that originated in China has now captured the entire world. The deadly virus first spread to China, then to Italy, Iran, Spain, America. There is now a procession of death. People are trapped in the middle of the room.

India has not been eliminated. Coroner's paw has also been set up in this country to see. The number of victims has crossed 3,000. Lockdown will be celebrated across the country until April 7.

Now, as the time progresses, several states are extending the lockdown period until April 7. Outside the barnyard, strict sanctions have been imposed. But in Amethi, there is little to no coronary attack.

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