Successful test of anti-radiation missile 'Rudram' from Sukhoi fighter jet makes history again DRDO


Bangla Hunt Desk: The Defense Research and Development Organization made history once again. The DRDO on Friday successfully tested an anti-radiation missile “Rudram” from a Sukhoi fighter jet. This missile was developed by DRDO.

According to the DRDO, ‘Rudram is the first indigenous anti-radiation missile in the country to be built for the Indian Air Force, developed by the DRDO. The missile has been attached to the Sukhoi SU-30MKI fighter jet as a launch platform, and has a range of capabilities depending on the launch conditions. “

The DRDO added, ‘It has INS-GPS navigation with a passive homing head for final attack. Rudram radiation hit the target pinpoint accurately. Passive Homing Heads are capable of target identification, classification, and entanglement with a wide band.

It is the first missile made in India that can be fired from any height. The missile is capable of capturing any type of signal and radiation. At the same time, it can bring the missile on its own radar and destroy any missile. The missile is currently undergoing development tests.

The missile will be used in Sukhoi and domestic aircraft Tejas soon after the trial. On Monday, the DRDO successfully tested the supersonic missile Torpedo (Smart). It was tested by DRDO in the coastal region of Orissa.