Such a prank happened with a person, the poor man got confused, funny video went viral


शख्स के साथ हुआ ऐसा प्रैंक, बेचारा हो गया कन्फ्यूज, मजेदार वीडियो हुआ वायरल

this prank video is funny

Prank Video: on social media prank videos Also often go viral. Such videos are usually meant for the entertainment of the people, but sometimes people get agitated after watching prank videos. Actually, prank means to joke. You must have seen how people who make such videos fool others, make fun of them. In such a situation, those people get confused many times, they cannot understand what is the matter in reality. social media But nowadays one such video is becoming very viral, seeing which probably you will also be left laughing.

Actually, in this video some people together prank a person, make him fool and that person does not understand the matter at all. In the video, you can see that a man wearing a mask is standing on the roadside. Only then a person passes from there and pretends to stumble on something, then goes ahead. After this, another boy also passes from there and does the same drama. Now the person who is already standing there gets confused that there really is no such thing there, due to which people are stumbling. He checks and then comes to his place. After this, again some people do the same drama and keep the person completely confused.

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watch funny prank video

This funny prank video has been shared on the social media platform Twitter with an ID named @cctvidiots. This video of just 45 seconds has been viewed 3.6 million i.e. 36 lakh times so far, while more than 51 thousand people have also liked the video and given various funny reactions.

One user has written that the person was confused as to what was that invisible thing that was causing people to stumble, while another user has written that this is a great prank. Similarly, a user has written that this is a funny video, which is making people laugh.

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