Suddenly Air India leaves airspace in Pakistan, says – proud of you


We are proud of you “, as was heard in the face of Pak Air Control Operator. Since the recent Balakot Air Strike, the two countries have been in total lag.

But then another word was heard through the mouth of Pak Air Control. On April 2, two Air India flights were flying from Mumbai to Frankfurt, Germany. Using Pakistan's airspace does not have to travel around Frankfurt.

Can be reached immediately. The two aircraft had a large amount of medical equipment and other supplies that the officer was about to deliver. And the officer was trying to get through the corridor with some of the equipment that was supposed to be delivered to some of the Corona-hit countries.

European citizens who were stuck in India for the Corona situation were also on the plane. They were being taken to reach their country. And the road took a little less than nine and a half hours to reach the road in about eight hours.

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