Suddenly fell into the well, the belly saved the life! Video goes viral on Netdunia


BanglaHunt Desk, Viral Video: We have a lot of problems with the belly, but recently there has been a viral video where it is seen that the belly saved the life of a human being. Netagarikara can not stop laughing.

Liu, a Chinese citizen, was saved by his huge belly. Liu is mentally ill and lives in Henan Province, China. He has a well in his house. However, this well is different from our common well. The well is deep but very narrow. The mouth of the well is as small as a manhole.

It is known that his family members used to cover the mouth of the well with a wooden deck. Mentally ill Liu jumped on the wooden deck and broke it due to its weight. But Liu's huge belly saved him on this journey. The belly gets stuck in the mouth of the well. And that's why Liu didn't go to Kuyo later.

Liu was stuck in the mouth of the well for several hours. After a while, the rescue team came and rescued him. There is no doubt that if Liu had been replaced by a thin man, he would have fallen into a well and died. But Liu's huge bopu saves him. Netpara is currently satisfied with the benefits of watching the video. The video has gone viral.