Suhana, Shah Rukh and Kanya are becoming more and more enchanting day by day.


BanglaHunt Desk: Bollywood's most popular star child Suhana Khan (suhana khan). Suhana has the advantage of being Shah Rukh Khan's daughter, Suhana herself has gained great popularity on social media. And why not! He often shares various photos for the fans.

Recently, Suhana shared some pictures again. And the pictures went viral as soon as they were posted. Netizens can't take their eyes off Suhana's face. Shah Rukh Khan shared these photos on his Insta handle.

Suhana was captured on camera wearing a brown top and pants. He was seen posing with a cup of coffee in his hand. He showed his sneakers in the second picture. In the third picture, Suhana is standing on the sidewalk. He is wearing a black jacket. But Shah Rukh's daughter did not show her face in this film.

Suhana's film has received a lot of praise from the fans. The mothers of his two dear girlfriends Ananda Pandey and Shanaya Kapoor have also commented on Suhana's film. One person wrote, Suhana is becoming more and more beautiful day by day.

Earlier, Suhana was seen responding to trolls on social media about racism. He wrote a long caption by posting a picture of himself. Suhana writes, ‘It’s not just my case. It is for those boys and girls who suffer from a lack of confidence when they grow up. Here are some comments about me. I have been called black since I was 12 years old. '

Many people support Suhana in this post on racism. Suhana has been praised by many for being vocal about this important issue from this age.
Incidentally, Suhana is currently studying at the University of New York.

However, he has been in Mumbai since the beginning of the lockdown. After finishing her studies, Suhana can enter the world of acting. However, according to Shah Rukh Khan, Suhana will have to learn acting for another three or four years before entering Bollywood. Right now she doesn't want Suhana to set foot in Bollywood. That is what King Khan commented.