Sundari dances in 'Genda Phul' with open hair and open waist, viral video of the moment


BanglaHunt Desk: There is a video trending on YouTube for some time, ‘Genda Phool’. This song sung by Badshah and Payal Dev is now being talked about by word of mouth. However, the controversy surrounding the song was not less. In fact, this song was created by a man from Birbhum, whose name is Ratan Kahar. Bengalis have been listening to this song written and composed by him for a long time. But at first no recognition was given to him. After much debate, of course, Badsha spoke to Ratan Kahar. Send him financial help.

Ever since its release, the netizens have been divided over the song Genda Phul. According to some, the song has become very popular. The speech of the other part has hurt the mentality and emotion of the Bengalis. But in the midst of so much controversy, the practice of the song continues. Those who love dance, needless to say, they are very happy to get a song. Whether it is imitating Jacqueline's dance step or self-made step, Bengalis have met in 'Genda Flower'. From stars to ordinary people, everyone is seen to keep pace with this song.

Another video that has gone viral recently shows a beautiful woman dancing to a marigold. Like Jacqueline, she was seen dancing in a red and white sari. This beautiful dance style has captivated everyone. This video is now viral on social media.

The song Genda Phul has become so popular that everyone from eight to eighteen is dancing to this song. A few days ago, a Khudeke was seen dancing to this song. Even stars like Manami and Riya have joined the rhythm of this song.