Sunil Gavaskar reveals secret of success in India


Bangla Hunt Desk: The Indian cricket team led by Virat Kohli has lost to England in all three formats. India snatched a seven-run victory over England in the scheduled ODI series. And then the secret of India’s success was revealed by the current India captain Sunil Gavaskar.

According to Sunil Gavaskar, when a team has more than one good player, the winning percentage of that team increases a lot. Kohli’s team has a lot of match winners who have consistently performed well for the Indian cricket team.

In an interview with Star Sports, Sunil Gavaskar said, “This Indian team is great. There is a great minded captain in this Indian team. He always keeps the team strong. There are also two to three good openers in the team, who are getting runs in almost every match. There are also multiple variations in the middle order with multiple great batsmen who can change the color of the match at any time, anytime. There are also multiple variations in the bowling department of the team who can bowl as well as bat if needed. And for all these things, this Indian team is irresistible. That is why Virat Kohli’s horse is running all over the world. ”