Sunil overtook Messi with a pair of goals, India beat Bangladesh 2-0

Bangla Hunt Desk: India and Bangladesh met in the 2019 World Cup qualifier at the Young Bharati Stadium. Bangladesh blocked India in that match. The match was drawn. This time India took revenge of young Bharati in Doha. The Indian football team won the match by defeating Bangladesh 2-0.

India and Bangladesh met in a World Cup qualifier in Doha, Qatar on Monday. The Indian footballers started dominating this match from the beginning. India could not open the scoring despite holding the ball position of the match. However, at the very end of the match, the Indian team won the match with a pair of goals by captain Sunil Chhetri.

Despite playing offensive football from the beginning of the day, the Indian footballers could not score any goals. Several balls did not even come close to scoring. However, from the beginning of the second half, Sunil Chhetri increased the intensity of the attack many times. Sunil Chhetri put India ahead with a goal in the 79th minute and Sunil Chhetri scored his second goal in the 92nd minute. With this pair of goals, Sunil Chhetri scored 74 goals in international football and he surpassed Lionel Messi, the prince of world football.