Sunny Deol offers ‘daro’ to paparazzi, dances fiercely, Karan cuts cake with bride-to-be


Karan Deol Pre Wedding Videos: सनी देओल ने पैपराजी को ऑफर की

Karan Deol’s pre wedding party

Karan Deol Pre Wedding Videos: Sunny Deol Karan Deol’s son is going to tie the knot soon. Sunny Deol organized a pre-wedding party for Karan Deol in Mumbai last night, in which there was a lot of fun. Apart from Sunny Deol, Bobby Deol and Abhay Deol also reached it. Everyone had a lot of fun in the party. Many pictures and videos of the party are going viral on the internet.

Sunny Deol’s son Karan Deol is going to marry his childhood friend Drisha Acharya. According to the reports, Drisha and Karan have been dating each other for a long time. Drisha is the daughter of the granddaughter of famous filmmaker Bimal Roy.

Sliced ​​Four Tier Cake

Karan Deol and Drisha cut a four-storey cake in the pre-wedding function. During this, both of them also fed cake to each other. In the video that surfaced, Drisha is seen in a golden saree, while Karan Deol is seen in a blue kurta and sadri on this special occasion.

Offer liquor to paparazzi

How can it be that there is a party at the Deols’ house and there is no mention of alcohol. Although everyone knows that Sunny Deol does not drink alcohol, yet he was seen offering liquor to the paparazzi. In fact, in a video that surfaced, Sunny, Bobby and Abhay are seen standing together.

During this, Sunny Deol asks whether you people have eaten or drunk anything. On this, some person says that he has not drunk anything, sir. On this Sunny Deol asks, “Want liquor?” So the paparazzi starts refusing, then Sunny Deol jokingly says that bring the bolt. Then Bobby takes them from there.

Sunny Deol danced fiercely

Another video of the party has surfaced in which Sunny Deol is seen swinging in the joy of his son’s marriage. There, along with him, many other people are seen dancing on Guru Randhawa’s song ‘Morvani Banke Morni Banke’. This dance video is being liked a lot on social media. According to reports, Drisha and Karan will get married on June 18.

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