Sunny is being admitted to Ashutosh College? Publicly big information behind the scenes!


BanglaHunt Desk: Sunny Leone has been making headlines for the last few days. It is said that Sunny's name has been included in the merit list of Ashutosh College for admission in English Honors. Of course Sunny is not alone. Multiple porn stars including Mia Khalifa, Johnny Sins and even popular cartoon characters like Sinclair, Doraemon were not left out.

The cyber crime branch of Lalbazar had earlier lodged a complaint after seeing such violence in different colleges. This time the mystery of the background came up in the investigation. It is learned that the application was made to Ashutosh College in the name of Sunny Leone with the IP address of Singapore but not of West Bengal.

Investigating officers have speculated that the same has been done in the case of other colleges. As soon as the incident came to light, Ashutosh College took legal action against the 'fake' Sunny Leone. A case was filed in the cyber crime branch of Lalbazar and an investigation was requested. Sunny Leone's name appears in the first place in the merit list for admission in the English department of Ashutosh College.

Regarding the matter, the college authorities said, this time the application for admission to the college has been submitted online due to the Corona situation. Many fake applications have also come on that occasion. The college authorities think the same about Sunny Leone. The phone number and IP address of the fake applicant were handed over to Lalbazar. This time the news was known from there.

On the other hand, the name of popular Bollywood singer Neha Kakkar can be seen in the merit list published by Maldar Manikchak College. Neha has applied for BA Pass Course, Education Honors and English Honors.

The merit list of Maldar Manikchak College has just been published. Neha Kakkar's name can be seen in that list. Singer is the first name in the merit list of BA pass course. His name is also in the merit list of Education Honors and English Honors.

When the principal of the college was contacted about the matter, he said, the matter has already come to his ears. Neha's name is being removed from the list. Besides, complaints will also be lodged in the cyber crime branch, said the principal of Manikchak College.

Earlier, the names of Ashutosh College, Barasat Government College and Bajwaj College were seen in the merit list of Sunny Leone, Mia Khalifa, Johnny Sins and several other porn stars.