Sunny Leone got the first place in the merit list of admission in English department in Ashutosh College!


Sunny Leone's first place in the merit list of English candidates in Ashutosh College, Kolkata. Sunny has filled the form for studying English in this college. He passed the Higher Secondary Education Parliament of West Bengal in 2020.

No, this is not fake news. Such an unimaginable phenomenon has been seen in the merit list of the general category of admission in the English department of Ashutosh College. Sunny Leone's name is at the top of the merit list. His application number is 951300604 and roll number is 206-6. He got four hundred out of four in the Best of Four. In other words, his number in each subject is one hundred.

When the college authorities were questioned in this regard, they admitted that this mistake was unintentional. Their rhetoric is a fake application. The concerned department has also been informed to correct the error, the college authorities said.

However, not only in the English department, but also in the merit list of the computer science department, multiple errors have been found. There are errors in several application and roll numbers along with the name.

Criticism has already started on social media. The question arises as to how a reputed institution like Ashutosh College can make such a fatal mistake. Besides, laughter has also started on social media.