Sunny Leone wants to be admitted to Bajwaj College after Ashutosh? Match name in the merit list!


BanglaHunt Desk: After Ashutosh College, this time Sunny Leone's triumph was also seen in Budge Budge College. Here too Sunny is sitting in the light of the well-published merit list.

Sunny was at the top of Ashutosh College's merit list. Best of Four, that is, he got one hundred in four subjects. But Bajwaj did not leave Shike in Sunny's fortunes in college. Here too his name is in the merit list, but at number 151.

In this regard, the general secretary of the student parliament of Bajwaj College, Tamal Bandyopadhyay, said that the admission process in the college was supervised by the president Devyani Dutta. But after this incident he could not be contacted.

Seeing such mistakes of successive colleges, trolls have started appearing on social media. Meanwhile, Sunny Leone has also tweeted about this incident at Ashutosh College. Sunny Leone recently tweeted on her Twitter handle. There he jokingly wrote, ‘See you in college next semester. Hopefully we’ll be in the same class. ’With two naughty emojis. Netizens think that this tweet is the proof of Ashutosh College's fancy story that has reached his ears. Sunny's laughter has started laughing again on social media.

Ashutosh College has also taken legal action against 'fake' Sunny Leone. A case has been filed in the cyber crime branch of Lalbazar and an investigation has been requested. Sunny Leone's name appears in the first place in the merit list for admission in the English department of Ashutosh College.

Regarding the matter, the college authorities said, this time the application for admission to the college has been submitted online due to the Corona situation. Many fake applications have also come on that occasion. The college authorities think the same about Sunny Leone. In the meantime, the phone number and IP address of the fake applicant have been handed over to Lalbazar.