Sunny Leone's 'Signature Moves'! Shocking netizens watching viral videos


BanglaHunt Desk: Sunny Leone is always a little hot. When the rest of the stars were doing house-to-house cooking, some cleaning the house, others started doing photoshoots in the middle of the house, he appeared with two new bangs.

On the one hand, he has started his new show Locked Up With Sunny and on the other hand has started a new photoshoot series of 12 Days of Summer on social media. And needless to say, both are superheroes.

Every day, one of the stars is seen in Sunny's show. But this time, the actress has come up with a video message for her fans and viewers. Sunny showed some of his signature dance moves. It would seem that sometimes he is doing bread and sometimes folding jilipi. He has given the challenge to show the dance steps to the audience. Those videos will be shared on his locked up with Sunny's account.

Sunny, live chat on the show with various stars. There are also photos of the latest photoshoot. Sunny shares the previously unseen photo of the photoshoot. All those pictures are viral on social media.

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